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Update 0.5.7 (Hotfix)

Hello everyone, We noticed a serious issue within the previous two patch updates with the creation of worlds. When creating a world it would be merged with every other world which, obviously, was not the intended purpose of the new system. We’ve identified the issue to being code related, and we’ve since rectified this immediately…
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Update 0.5.5 (Patch)

Update 0.5.5 We’ve improved our systems a lot this update, and fixed major bugs. Bug fixes and improvements -We’ve fixed a lot of issues within this update and also improved some of our existing systems to make your user experience better! – We’ve patched a major issue with the world system; cheaters managed to change…
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Update 0.5.3 (Patch)

Update 0.5.3 Big ol’ patch update, as our last update was very buggy; which was completely expected. Bug fixes and improvements – Fixed an issue where your client would crash when another person broke a block. – Fixed an issue where the red overlay would appear on blocks with a death type. – Fixed an…
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Update 0.5.2 (Content)

Update 0.5.2 Boy oh boy is this a big ol’ update!   New World Creation System We’ve wanted a system that allows the user to go and create a world whenever they pleased, however they pleased, for a very long time. The team have been working hard on this new system so we’re super pumped…
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Update 0.4.9 (Content)

Update 0.4.9 New clothing, new game mechanics, new sounds, bug fixes and improvements. Even the start of a new Storyline Season!   New Shop items We’ve got some new awesome clothing that is available in the shop with no time limit as to how long they will be available. We’ve got female skins, male skins,…
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Update 0.4.8 (Content)

Update 0.4.8 New clothing, new even more awesome clothing, bug fixes and improvements. What else could you want?!   New Bi-Daily items We’ve got some new themed Bi-Daily items that will appear in the shop over the next week. Keep an eye on the theme as it will hint at what’s to come.   New…
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