Update 0.4.9 (Content)

Update 0.4.9 (Content)


Update 0.4.9

New clothing, new game mechanics, new sounds, bug fixes and improvements. Even the start of a new Storyline Season!


  • New Shop items
    We’ve got some new awesome clothing that is available in the shop with no time limit as to how long they will be available. We’ve got female skins, male skins, we’ve even got some sea-life in there too!


  • New Bi-Daily items
    We’ve got some new themed Bi-Daily items that will appear in the shop over the next 2 weeks. One of the new Bi-Daily items has a new and unique feature, so keep an eye out for it!


  • New Premium rank
    We value our community a lot, and that is exactly why we have created this rank which has a few special advantages/perks within the game. One of the perks is a special dark green username within the game, and the other perk is that if a connection issue occurs with one of our in-game services, unless the whole service is offline, people with premium will be prioritised and connected regardless of any ongoing issues.


  • Map updates
    We can’t really tell you anything about this so go and check Spike Park.


  • Bug fixes and improvements
    – Fixed an issue where the jump sound would play when typing in chat.
    – Fixed an issue where the Android controls wouldn’t disappear when inside the inventory.
    –¬†Fixed an issue where other users usernames would appear below their clothing.
    – Improved the visibility on the amount of items in an inventory slot.
    – Improved the way buttons interact with the user by adding new sounds.
    – Improved the visibility of login checks/errors within the login screen.
    – Improved the way to see how many users are online.
    – Disabled Atlantis Tower Scrolls and Phantom Knight Suit.

Please feel free to leave your opinions and comments about this update, we love to hear your feedback!

If you find any issues with the current version of the game, please let us know in our Discord server with the following information attached.


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