Update 0.4.8 (Content)

Update 0.4.8 (Content)


Update 0.4.8

New clothing, new even more awesome clothing, bug fixes and improvements. What else could you want?!


  • New Bi-Daily items
    We’ve got some new themed Bi-Daily items that will appear in the shop over the next week. Keep an eye on the theme as it will hint at what’s to come.


  • New IOTM (Item of the Month)
    We understand that a few other games have this type of system, but we thought it would be cool if we had this too! We’ll be releasing new IOTM’s every month, each of them as awesome as each other. Note: IOTM’s will only ever be brought back twice or more under very rare circumstances, so grab em’ while you can! Oh yeah, and they’re expensive too, so you’re going to need to farm up for them.


  • Map updates
    We can’t really tell you anything about this so go and check Spike Park.


  • Bug fixes and improvements
    – During the last patch we noticed an APK Expansion issue. We located the cause of this issue and we have rectified it.
    – We’ve made some improvements to the yellow text that moves up from your mouse. (We’ve made it stand out more)
    – We’ve made some improvements to our shop system. Overall, we’ve made it more appealing to the eye and upgraded the graphical side of things.
    – We’ve improved the way error checking works in with the Atlantis Tower so we can easily rectify things from our end in the event of an issue.
    – We’ve improved the way the water in the Atlantis Tower looks. (We’ve made it more realistic and added some opacity to it)
    – We’ve improved the way the game backs you out in the event that your client is outdated.
    – Fixed an issue with the jump sound playing whenever you press the specified jump button(s)
    – Fixed an issue with usernames appearing behind clothing.

Please feel free to leave your opinions and comments about this update, we love to hear your feedback!

If you find any issues with the current version of the game, please let us know in our Discord server with the following information attached.


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