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Our favourite Maps

These are our most favourite maps that have been made by you, the community!

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Why choose Blox?

We at Blox care about our evergrowing community. We understand that you, the community, should be deciding the main choices that we take in the development of this game and we will continue to support every idea that you throw at us. Don’t hurt us though, ouch.


Your information is secure and safeguarded while you use our services in our storage facility. All sensitive information such as IP addresses are encrypted.


We can do almost anything with our engine, and we look for new, awesome features everyday that you suggest to add to the game.


Don’t take our word for it – look at these made up reviews (Fun fact: they’re actually real):

Google Play

5 stars

As a growtopian, I thought it would be similar but its a very unique and Fun game. I can see this game getting big in the future! Good work!

Forest11 GT

Google Play

5 stars

Best game ever! Download and play with friend and family! Rate 5 stars please.

Ovid PW

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Want to support us and get cool stuff?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for flashy names, tons of coins and other cool benefits. We highly recommend you make sure with a parent or guardian that you are allowed to pay for these packages as we are not responsible for any accidental transactions.


You will receive:
– 20,000 coins In-Game

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You will receive:
– VIP In-Game
– VIP role in Discord
– 40,000 coins In-Game


$5 or over

You will receive:
– Tester access (Must have Windows PC)
– Tester In-Game
– Tester role in Discord
– 75,000 coins In-Game